India Sees Highest Suicides In The World – 12.4 Per 1,00,000 As Per National Data

Suicides Indian Highest

The recent suicide of a father-son duo in Mumbai has once again thrust India’s alarming suicide rates into the spotlight. With 1.71 lakh people dying by suicide in 2022, India holds the grim record for the highest number of suicides globally. The suicide rate has surged to 12.4 per 1,00,000, marking the highest ever recorded in the country.

But what lies behind this tragic phenomenon?

Health experts unanimously point to depression as a major driver of suicides in India. Depression, often triggered by stressors related to work, finances, relationships, and health, can escalate into severe anxiety and hopelessness, ultimately leading to suicide.

Rajiv Mehta, Vice Chairperson at the Institute of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi, emphasizes that depression is the common underlying reason for suicide.

Suicide is now India’s largest public health crisis, particularly affecting the youth. Extreme stressors, such as financial difficulties, medical conditions, or personal loss, can trigger impulsive suicides.

Loneliness and isolation compound the risk, making it crucial to address mental health issues proactively.

Economic stress, unemployment, financial instability, and family conflicts all contribute to a sense of hopelessness. Enormous debts, especially in business contexts, exacerbate the burden.

Shambhavi Jaiman, a Consultant Psychiatrist, highlights the need to recognize these multifaceted factors.

Unfortunately, stigma and fear shroud discussions about suicide, perpetuating its mystery. We must break this silence. Shyam Bhat, Psychiatrist and Chairperson of LiveLoveLaugh, urges genuine support without judgment. Encourage those feeling depressed to seek professional guidance and offer a compassionate ear.

India’s rising suicide trend demands urgent attention. Let’s unmask the silent struggle, foster empathy, and provide hope to those in distress. Remember, a listening heart can save a life.

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