[Photos] Shirtless Anil Kapoor Pictures Went Viral on Instagram

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Love butterflies, Then Definitely Visit Famous Butterfly Parks in INDIA

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[Photos] British Woman Shopped with Sanitary Pad Instead of Face Mask

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1 In 10 Women Suffer From This Disease, Sonam Kapoor Is Also Suffering From It

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Actress Sana Khan Left ShowBiz Bollywood Industry

In one side, the Corona Virus pandemic is turning Bollywood downright minimalistic and on the other side, actress Sana Khan left Showbiz Bollywood Industry and said- “My happiest moment 😊 May Allah help me n guide me in this journey.... Read more

This is How To Take Care of Your Teeth

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Meet the Cast of Mirzapur 2 – An Amazon Prime Video Web Series [Oct 2020]

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[October 2020] Big Change In H-1B Visa Rules in the US

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Dozens of Mummies Were Found in the Saqqara Desert in Egypt

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[Covid-19] World’s Fattest Person Beats CoronaVirus

Mexican Juan Pedro Franco, who set a world record as the world’s fattest person two years ago, has conquered the deadly coronavirus who had diabetes, high blood pressure and stomach problems. In Oct 2016, the Guinness Book of World Records... Read more