Benjamin Netanyahu Hernia Surgery

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Undergo Hernia Surgery Amidst Political Unrest

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has announced that he will be fully sedated to undergo surgery for a hernia. The operation is scheduled to take place after a meeting of his war cabinet…

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Andrew Aude

Apple Sues Former Employee for Leaking Secrets

In a recent turn of events, tech giant Apple has filed a lawsuit against its former employee, Andrew Aude, accusing him of leaking sensitive information about the company’s products and strategies. The lawsuit,…

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Baltimore Bridge

Rebuilding Baltimore Bridge Could Take Years & Cost At Least $400 Million

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge has left the city in a state of shock and mourning. The disaster, which claimed the lives of six crew members, has…

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Justin Kidwell Playing Video Games

Man Charged with Murder After Playing Video Games

In a shocking incident that has left a community reeling, a Texas man has been charged with murder following the tragic death of his infant daughter. The man, identified as 20-year-old Justin Kidwell,…

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Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi SU7 – A New Contender in the Electric Vehicle Market

Xiaomi, a renowned Chinese smartphone manufacturer, has made a bold entry into the electric vehicle (EV) market with the launch of its first electric car, the SU7. Unveiled at an event on March…

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Louis Gossett Jr

Louis Gossett Jr. – Star of ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ Dies at 87

Louis Gossett Jr., the Oscar-winning actor known for his roles in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman‘ and ‘Roots,’ has passed away at the age of 87. Born in Brooklyn, Louis Gossett Jr.’s career…

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Baltimore Bridge Reconstruction

Baltimore Bridge Reconstruction – Who Will Pay?

In the early hours of March 26, the Sri Lanka-bound cargo vessel ‘Dali’ reported a power loss, altering its course towards the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore City, Maryland. The Singapore-flagged vessel…

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Russia Shuts Down UN Watchdog

Russia Shuts Down UN Watchdog Tracking North Korea Sanctions

Russia has disbanded a United Nations panel that has been monitoring sanctions against North Korea for years. The panel had recently begun investigating allegations that Russia had violated the rules by purchasing North…

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Mukhtar Ansari Died Cardiac Arrest

Gangster and Politician Mukhtar Ansari Died of Cardiac Arrest in Uttar Pradesh

Mukhtar Ansari, a notorious gangster-turned-politician, died of cardiac arrest in Uttar Pradesh, India, on Thursday. The 63-year-old, who had been a five-time lawmaker, had been incarcerated since 2005. His death has sparked controversy,…

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Pertussis Outbreak

Pertussis Outbreak in the Philippines – 28 New Cases and 4 Deaths Reported

The Department of Health (DOH) in the Philippines is grappling with a significant increase in pertussis, or whooping cough, cases across the country. From January 1 to March 16, 2024, the DOH recorded…

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