Sydney Mall Shooting

Tragedy Strikes Sydney – Stabbing Rampage at Mall Leaves Seven Dead

In a shocking incident that has left the nation reeling, a stabbing rampage at a mall in Sydney, Australia, resulted in the death of seven people, including the attacker. The incident, which took…

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Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s PM, Benjamin Netanyahu Prepares for Possible Iran Attack Amid Growing Tensions

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is reportedly meeting with top officials to prepare for a potential attack by Iran. This development comes as tensions escalate over the possibility that Tehran will retaliate for…

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Travel Advisory India MEA

India’s Foreign Ministry Issues Travel Advisory for Iran and Israel

In a recent announcement, the Indian Foreign Ministry has issued a travel advisory for its citizens, advising against all non-essential travel to Iran and Israel until further notice. This decision comes in light…

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Park Bo Ram Passed Away K-Pop

K-Pop Singer Park Bo Ram Passed Away at 30

The K-pop community is in mourning following the sudden and shocking death of singer Park Bo Ram at the young age of 30. XANADU Entertainment, the agency representing Park Bo Ram, confirmed the…

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OJ Simpson

Former NFL Star OJ Simpson Passes Away at Age 76

Orenthal James Simpson, known to the world as OJ Simpson, has passed away at the age of 76 after a battle with cancer, according to his family. The former American footballer, nicknamed “The…

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UK Passport

UK Passport Prices – A Second Rise in 14 Months

The cost of obtaining a UK passport is set to increase for the second time in a span of 14 months. This week, the price for applying online for a new or renewed…

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Martin Eberhard Tesla Former CEO and Founder

Ex-Tesla Chief Criticizes Company’s Move to Axe Low-Cost Vehicle Project

In a surprising turn of events, Tesla, the leading electric vehicle manufacturer, has reportedly scrapped its plans for a low-cost car. This decision was revealed by Martin Eberhard, a Tesla founder and former…

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Simon Harris

Simon Harris, New Prime Minister of Ireland – Country’s Youngest Leader

In a historic moment for Ireland, Simon Harris, the 37-year-old former health and higher education minister, was elected as the country’s youngest ever prime minister on Tuesday. Simon Harris, who is best known…

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Kangana Ranaut Denies Beef

Kangana Ranaut Slams False Claims of Beef Consumption

Kangana Ranaut, an acclaimed Bollywood actor and a vocal supporter of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), is currently in the spotlight as she prepares to transition from the silver screen to the political…

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John Tinniswood World Oldest Man

Meet John Tinniswood, Officially the World’s Oldest Man at 114 Years

John Alfred Tinniswood, a 114-year-old British retiree, has been officially recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s oldest living man. This title was previously held by Juan Vicente PĂ©rez from Venezuela. Born…

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