15 Children Kidnapped in Another Nigerian School Attack

15 Children Africa Lost

In a heart-wrenching incident that highlights the ongoing security crisis in Nigeria, 15 children have been abducted from a school in the northwestern region. This horrifying event occurred just two days after nearly 300 students were taken hostage by armed assailants.

The attack unfolded in the Gidan Bakuso village in Sokoto state during the early hours of Saturday. Gunmen, under the cover of darkness, infiltrated the school premises, catching the students and staff off guard. The assailants swiftly seized the children from their hostel, leaving them vulnerable and terrified.

Police spokesman Ahmad Rufa’i confirmed that a police tactical squad was immediately deployed to search for the abducted students. However, the rescue mission faces significant obstacles due to the inaccessible roads in the remote area. Vehicles cannot navigate these rugged paths, compelling the police squad to use motorcycles to reach the village.

Liman Abubakar Bakuso, the owner of the school, expressed his anguish over the abduction. He revealed that the gunmen fired sporadic shots during the attack, causing panic among the students. “They succeeded in abducting 15 of my students,” he lamented. The ages of the kidnapped children range from below 13 to 20 years old. The entire community is now in a state of panic, fervently praying for their safe release.

This incident marks the third mass abduction in Nigeria within a week. Just a few days earlier, around 287 school pupils were taken by gunmen in a separate attack. The situation has escalated to a critical point, demanding urgent attention from authorities and the international community.

Nigeria’s Vice President, Kashim Shettima, met with parents of the abducted students, assuring them of relentless efforts to locate and rescue the children. However, the gravity of the situation cannot be overstated. The memories of the infamous Boko Haram abduction of 276 female students a decade ago still haunt the nation.

As the world watches, it is crucial that we stand united against such atrocities. The safety and well-being of innocent children must be our shared priority. We must urge for swift action, cooperation, and unwavering commitment to end this cycle of violence and terror.

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