Best YouTube Channels on Internet [Must Subscribe]

Without a doubt, YouTube is not at its best when it comes to image. YouTube has become the second most used search engine behind only Google , and that is why, whether you are a private individual or a company, you have probably seriously considered using this platform.

The creation of video content has been increasingly popular, mainly because of that format being highly sought after by Internet users. This happens because watching videos is a practical and even easier way to learn about different topics. Therefore, there is a high volume of video searches.

According to YouTube’s own data, more than 1 billion hours are seen per day by around 1 billion users. That is why many people have sought to work using that strategy, either as their main source of income or as a tool to spread their work/business.

We are going to expose some of the best YouTube channels which you can start to follow right now:

S.No Channel Name Total Subscribers
1 DanTDM 22.2M Subscribers
2 PewDiePie 101M Subscribers
3 David Dobrik 14.1M Subscribers
4 Vinyl Rewind 97.1K Subscribers
5 Oregon Zoo 68.2K Subscribers
6 Organized Chaos 25.9K Subscribers
7 theRadBrad 10.7M Subscribers
8 OneyPlays 722K Subscribers
9 LegalEagle 625K Subscribers
10 Grian 4.31M Subscribers
11 RedLetterMedia 1.06M Subscribers
12 Daily Dose Of Internet 6.35M Subscribers
13 Frank Howarth 530K Subscribers
14 Jack Rackam 64.9K Subscribers
15 Tom Scott 1.95M Subscribers
16 Adam Neely 873K Subscribers
17 David Bruce Composer 110K Subscribers
18 Nahre Sol 245K Subscribers
19 Historia Civilis 579K Subscribers
20 Furry Potato 41.2K Subscribers
21 Dead Meat 3.23M Subscribers
22 Fact Fiend – With Karl Smallwood 451K Subscribers
23 Sam O’Nella Academy 1.74M Subscribers
24 SSundee 12.3M Subscribers
25 BuzzFeedVideo 19.4M Subscribers
26 LazarBeam 11.6M Subscribers
27 Ernesto Castro 39.3K Subscribers
28 ContraPoints 746K Subscribers
29 Jelle’s Marble Runs 504K Subscribers
30 CrazyRussianHacker 11.2M Subscribers
31 Mark Rober 8.71M Subscribers
32 OutlawGarry 377K Subscribers
33 Aging Wheels 102K Subscribers
34 I did a thing 545K Subscribers
35 Vinesauce 612K Subscribers
36 Vargskelethor Uncut: Full Joel Streams 367K Subscribers
37 TerminalMontage 1.41M Subscribers
38 The8BitDrummer 403K Subscribers
39 DemolitionRanch 7.19M Subscribers
40 Forgotten Weapons 1.36M Subscribers
41 Many A True Nerd 444K Subscribers
42 Dom2k 310K Subscribers
43 AnarchYxNinja 159K Subscribers
44 Jared Owen 362K Subscribers
45 AlternateHistoryHub 1.75M Subscribers
46 KnowledgeHub 739K Subscribers
47 Maximilian Dood 1.15M Subscribers
48 Film Riot 1.53M Subscribers
49 Corridor 6.79M Subscribers
50 Video Copilot 569K Subscribers
51 Rob Gavagan 2.99M Subscribers
52 Cayleigh Elise 403K Subscribers
53 Jacksfilms 4.66M Subscribers
54 Davie504 4.19M Subscribers
55 Rob Scallon 1.8M Subscribers
56 Glam&Gore 3.6M Subscribers
57 Pinkstylist 2.59M Subscribers
58 Anomaly 2.56M Subscribers
59 Memory Hole 93.1K Subscribers
60 Digital Foundry 775K Subscribers
61 Barnabydixon 764K Subscribers
62 The8BitDrummer 403K Subscribers
63 Civvie 11 106K Subscribers
64 Quinton Reviews 329K Subscribers
65 LEMMiNO 3.41M Subscribers
66 YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon 7.23M Subscribers
67 Welyn 1.36M Subscribers
68 Studio C 2.31M Subscribers
69 MIT OpenCourseWare 2.12M Subscribers
70 Physics Girl 1.39M Subscribers
71 NurdRage 736K Subscribers
72 Binkov’s Battlegrounds 337K Subscribers
73 David Dobrik 14.1M Subscribers
74 Kiwami japan 2.62M Subscribers
75 Pursuit of Wonder 616K Subscribers
76 Indigo Traveller 491K Subscribers
77 Skech Art 1M Subscribers
78 Matt D’Avella 2M Subscribers
79 Robbie Knox 56.4K Subscribers
80 Jacksepticeye 22.9M Subscribers
81 CoryxKenshin 5M Subscribers
82 Tifo Football 616K Subscribers
83 Good Mythical Morning 15.8M Subscribers
84 Gus Johnson 1.54M Subscribers
85 Biographics 805K Subscribers
86 ERB 14.6M Subscribers
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