Carla Gugino Speaks Out on Sexism in Hollywood

Carla Gugino

In a recent interview, renowned actress Carla Gugino opened up about her experiences with sexism in the film industry, revealing that she still suffers from “a little PTSD” due to being disregarded by male directors on set.

Carla Gugino, known for her roles in “Gerald’s Game” and “The Girls on the Bus”, shared her experiences during a conversation with “Game of Thrones” star Lena Headey for Interview magazine. She recalled instances where her suggestions were dismissed by male directors, only to be accepted when reiterated by a male actor.

Carla Gugino described the situation as “actual insanity”, likening it to a dysfunctional family dynamic where everyone pretends that the person with the power isn’t behaving irrationally.

She expressed her frustration at the dismissive attitude of directors, stating, “I still do have a little PTSD from a career full of instances where you’re acting with a male actor, and you say to the director, ‘Hey, what about if we try such and such?’ and the male director goes, ‘I don’t think so,’ and then, two minutes later, your fellow actor, who’s an advocate for you, says the exact same thing, and the director’s, ‘Great idea.'”

Lena Headey, who has also faced similar challenges, shared a piece of advice she received from actress Monica Bellucci. Monica Bellucci encouraged her to assertively ask for what she wants, as women are often labeled negatively regardless of their actions. Lena Headey acknowledged the persistence of the “boys club” in the industry but also noted a shift for the better.

Both actresses agreed that there has been a significant change within the industry. Carla Gugino concluded, “Yeah, actually I do see a profound difference. I do believe we should also have the grace for people to learn and change.”

This candid conversation between Carla Gugino and Lena Headey sheds light on the pervasive issue of sexism in Hollywood, highlighting the need for continued efforts towards equality and respect in the industry.

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