[China] 3 Year Old Girl Scratches on 10 Audi Cars Costs Dad Nearly $10,000

The news that we are going to share with you now, you will be amazed at once. Children become the second form of God because everyone loves children a lot.

But sometimes children also become a headache for parents and such was the news when parents took their child to an Audi showroom where they bought an Audi car in Guilin, China. When they went to the showroom, the parents started talking to the assistant in the showroom to get information about the vehicles. Meanwhile, their 3 year old daughter was walking in the showroom.

Didn’t even know the girl had a stone, the parents thought. We all make mistakes growing up, but none quite as costly as this one.

That the girl is very happy to see so many cars, after which the girl did the same thing that the parents did, the girl came to the 10 Audi cars that were parked in the showroom.

Scratched with a stone on the top, from which when the owner of the showroom found out about this, he could not say anything to the girl, but he demanded nearly $10,000 USD from her parents which had to be given to the parents, because the scratches were very painful.

While the scratches were relatively minor, the dealership said the vehicles couldn’t be sold as new once they were repainted. To cover the expenses and lost value, the dealership wanted the father to pay them at least $28,643 USD (200,000 yuan). He reportedly rejected that figure and the two sides eventually settled on $10,025 USD (70,000 yuan).

The court also reminded the couple that reasons such as, “The child is still young,” and, “The child doesn’t understand,” were not valid mitigating factors. They did, however, advise the couple to keep an eye on their child and help her learn how to treasure the things around her better.

We can say that children sometimes become a headache for parents.

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