[INDIA] Top 3 Cheapest Best Cars – Price Under 5 Lakh

There are all kinds of customers in the Indian automotive market and everyone is looking for vehicles according to their needs and budget. The craze for vehicles that has been going on for years is still being explored by a large section. With this in mind, in this article we are going to tell you that there are some vehicles in the market that you can buy under 5 Lakh.

1. Maruti Alto 800

Whenever customers buy their first car, they prefer smaller cars. The Maruti Alto is one of the cheapest for a number of reasons. Maruti has recently increased the price of all its models, including the Alto, by up to Rs 34,000. After that, the price of this entry-level hatchback ranges from Rs 2.99 lakh to Rs 4.48 lakh (ex-showroom). The company claims that it gives mileage of up to 22.05 kmpl. Alto’s CNG variants are capable of giving mileage up to 31.59km/g.

2. Renault Kwid

The second car on this list is the Renault Kwid. The company is also offering a discount of up to Rs 50,000 in March,2021. The Kwid is currently priced between Rs 3.12 lakh and Rs 5.31 lakh (ex-show Delhi). The car is available for sale in five variants STD, RXE, RXL, RXT and Climber. The company claims that it is capable of giving a mileage of 22kmpl.

3. Hyundai Santro

Hyundai Santro is one of the most popular cars in India. The price of the car has been increased by up to Rs 4,900. Since then, the Hyundai Santro has gone up in price from Rs 4.67 lakh to Rs 6.35 lakh (ex-show form). The company offers it with a 1.1 liter four-cylinder petrol engine and CNG. There it has a mileage of up to 20.3 kmpl.


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