[Photos] Heavy Snowfall Breaks 50 Year Record in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: The sudden heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia, famous for its desert and scorching heat, has taken everyone by surprise. Pictures and videos of white snow on the desert sand are also being shared on social media.

It is said that after nearly 50 years, there has been such a massive snowfall in Saudi Arabia. Although there has been snowfall in Saudi Arabia before, the amount was very low at that time.

The heavy snowfall in Saudi Arabia is being described as a very special event for the entire Gulf countries.

One week earlier, the Gulf countries were experiencing icy winters. Due to the cold winds blowing at night, the temperature has reached minus in many parts. In such a situation people are struggling with heat during the day and cold at night.

Saudi Arabia’s Meteorological Department has issued a warning for the coming days. The meteorological department said night temperatures could drop further in many parts of the country.

In such cases, people must be protected from the cold when going out at night. Heavy snowfall has also been observed in Algeria in the Sahara Desert of North Africa. Here the sand dunes were hidden in a white sheet. In many parts of the country, the temperature has dropped to minus 3 degrees Celsius.

Professor Sumant Nigam, an atmospheric and oceanic scientist at the University of Maryland and the senior author of the study, said: “Our results are specific to the Sahara, but they likely have implications for the world’s other deserts.

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