June 27, 2022

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Top 10 Websites For Free Stock Photos

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The term “free stock photos” doesn’t exists because either you payed for best stock photos or you sacrifice quality while using photos.

Fortunately, that’s no longer now! Stock photos are photos taken by individuals, usually sold royalty-free. They can be reused for different commercial purposes once bought.

There are many advantages of using stock photos like: they are very cost effective, accessible, high quality and perfect for any category.

There are hundreds of website are there, where you can find stock photos, some are free while other are paid ones. Here, in this post, we’ve rounded up top 10 best websites where you can get free and high quality stock photos of high resolution are as listed below:

1. Pexels.com

Pexels provides high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Pexels license.

All photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through our discover pages. Furthermore, you can even download their 40 exclusive stock photos free of cost by just creating a new free account.


2. Rawpixel.com

Rawpixel is a smashing website to create design resources that reflect today’s society as it really is. Rawpixel Ltd. operates from its HQ in the UK and its creative hub is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

With their Free Plan, you can only download 5 images per day but unlimited downloads from their public domain collections.

If you want to download more, then you can buy their PREMIUM Package where you can download unlimited photos and can even use it for your commercial purposes.


3. Stocksnap.io

Stocksnap offer beautiful and high quality stock photos for just about any use you can think of including commercial use and for personal use.

The popular categories of Stocksnap are: Business, Beach, People, Love, Flower, Nature, Girl, Sad, Food, Wallpaper, Computer, Office, Happy, Woman, City, Couple, Family, Summer, Black & White, Coffee, Design, Travel, Car, Man, Women, Dog, Fashion, Book, Fitness, Friends, Music, Money, School, Spring, Flowers, Heath, Laptop, House, Water, Work, Meeting, Wedding, Baby, Art, Party, Beauty, Sky, Phone, Building, Technology, Shopping, Home, Team, Background, Sunset, Yoga, Forest, Road, Fall, Abstract, Sport, Construction, Light, Sea, Wine, Child, Study, Smile, Kids, Mountain, Hand, Tree, Cat, Kitchen, Wall, Space, Wood, Writing, Kid, Landscape, Books, Green, Architecture, Sun, Desk, Mobile, Beer, Restaurant, Creative, Cake, Running, White, Garden, Children, Camera, Student, Gym, Social Media, Doctor and Easter.


4. Isorepublic.com

This website provides curated collections of the best high-resolution CC0 photos and videos whose mission is to offer highly curated collections of stock images and videos that you can use both personally and commercially.

The Trending categories of Isorepublic are: Animals, Architecture, Art, Business, City, Fashion, Food, Landscape, Music, Nature, People, Seasonal, Sport, Technology, Textures, Transport, Travel and Various.


5. Unsplash.com

Unsplash is a website that has gifted hundreds of thousands of their own photos to fuel creativity around the world. With partners like BuzzFeed, Squarespace and Trello being powered by our API, the Unsplash library is more widely accessible than ever.


6. LifeofPix.com

LifeofPix is an awesome community of photographers where you can discover a fine selection or a best shot of photos.


7. Picography.co

Picography has been providing stunning images to millions of people for the past 3 years. It is now one of the top sources for gorgeous, high-resolution, free photos. You can even use their any free stock photos however and wherever you like, with no attribution required.

The famous categories of Picography are: Business, City, Culture, Fashion, Festive, Hospitality, Nature, People, Scenery, Street, Technology and Wildlife.


8. Foter.com

With Foter, you can explore the most popular public domain stock photo images and can even share your best images and videos with people all over the world.

The popular categories are: Abstract, Animals, Art, Buildings, Business, Christmas, Education, Fashion, Food, Holidays, Interiors, Nature, People, Sports and Technology.


9. Picjumbo.com

Picjumbo is free stock photo site created in year 2013 by designer & photographer Viktor Hanacek and now it’s one of the best sites with free stock photos featured in the biggest online publications.

For Premium Membership, they have 3 plans i.e. Blogger Plan which starts from $59/year, Designer Plan which starts from $99/year and Agency Plan which starts from $499/year.


10. Pixabay.com

Pixabay.com is an international, copyleft and free-to-use website for sharing photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and film footage. All video and image files available on the platform can be used without attribution requirement and also for commercial aim.


Other Free Stock Photos Websites –

  1. Imageric.com
  2. Jaymantri
  3. Splitshire.com
  4. Stockvault.net
  5. Imcreator.com
  6. Magdeleine.co
  7. Foodiesfeed.com
  8. Goodfreephotos.com
  9. Giorgiogaleotti.com
  10. Wallpapers.io
  11. Getrefe.com
  12. Twnsnd.co
  13. Photoeverywhere.co.uk
  14. Nilssonlee.se
  15. Morguefile.com
  16. Deathtothestockphoto.com
  17. Gratisography.com
  18. Jeshoots.com
  19. Littlevisuals.co
  20. Footage123.com
  21. Styledstock.co
  22. Negativespace.co
  23. Barnimages.com
  24. Kaboompics.com
  25. Picxclicx.com
  26. Burst
  27. Hautestock.io
  28. Ivorymix.com
  29. Compfight.com
  30. Stockphotos.io
  31. Focastock.com
  32. Designerpics.com
  33. FindaPhoto
  34. Stickpng.com
  35. Nomad
  36. Everypixel.com
  37. Freenaturestock.com
  38. Tookapic
  39. Skitterphoto
  40. Moveast.me
  41. Startupstockphotos.com
  42. Freestockimages
  43. Zoommyapp.com
  44. Visualhunt.com
  45. Librestock.com
  46. Photorack.net
  47. Freeimages.com
  48. Everystockphoto.com
  49. Openphoto.net
  50. Unprofound.com
  51. FreePixels.com
  52. Imagebase
  53. Free Vintage Illustrations

We hope you found this article helpful. Now you have many options to find best free stock photos around for your blog or for your personal or official website.

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