You Too Will Be Surprised To Know The Age Of This Girl Studying In A Canadian University

You too will be amazed to know the age of this girl. One such big news is coming from Canada which is also to be believed Seems but this is the true check.

She isn’t old enough to drive a car but everyone is amazed at the age of Vivian Xie, a student at the University of Toronto in Canada. The 15-year-old, who lives in Charlottetown (P.E.I), Canada, is in her final year of university. She intends to find a cure for the cancer so that it can be saved at an early stage.

Well, Vivian said she’s never taken an IQ test to see if she qualifies as a genius or anything, but she’s always been pretty good at school.

Vivian Xie was just 12 years old when she began her first year at university. In fact, only a few close university friends know her actual age. She explained that she had passed several classes together and moved on.

Vivian said she hopes to complete her studies in biology and cell molecular biology this year and then start studying cancer treatment. She wants to study how the body fights cancer. She is also preparing to write a novel.

This girl has been an inspiration to many. At seven, Vivian knew how to add, subtract and multiply negative numbers and decimals, while her classmates were just learning basic patterns and shapes. So far, university has been a breeze: Vivian even finished her first semester with grades above 91%.

I was surpassing them in terms of the amount of knowledge I knew,” Vivian said in a phone interview.”

Despite being incredibly advanced for her age, Vivian says her childhood wasn’t that much different from other children. But instead of playing sports like her classmates, she says she spent most afternoons in the library. She likes reading, painting and drawing, and table tennis.

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