20 Important Questions Related to the Atmosphere

1. Which gas is found most in the atmosphere

Answer: Nitrogen

2. The most permanent element of the atmosphere is

Answer: Water Vapour

3. Earth’s atmosphere is heated by

Answer: Radiation

4. Which inert gas is highest in the atmosphere

Answer: Argon

5. Which gas is responsible for the greenhouse effect

Answer: Carbon dioxide (CO2)

6. Which gases protect us from scorching sun’s strong rays

Answer: Ozone

7. By absorption of reflected infrared radiation from the ground surface – what is the action of increasing temperature in the ground atmosphere?

Answer: Green House Effect

8. What is the amount of nitrogen in the atmosphere

Answer: 78%

9. What is the average height above the surface of the troposphere?

Answer: 14 km

10. Which circle is also called convection

Answer: Troposphere

11. Where is the highest density of Earth’s atmosphere

Answer: In the troposphere

12. What causes daily weather changes in the atmosphere

Answer: Due to troposphere

13. Where is the ozone layer located

Answer: Stratosphere

14. What is the function of ozone layer in the stratosphere?

Answer: Preventing ultraviolet radiation on the ground floor

15. Which part of the Earth does the long radio wave reflect

Answer: From ion board

16. Which chemical causes the depletion of ozone levels in the atmosphere

Answer: Chloro-fluorocarbon

17. Which part of the atmosphere contains 90% of the total amount of water vapor

Answer: In the troposphere

18. Which part of the atmosphere is a part of the chemistry

Answer: Ozone division

19. Which board is suitable for flying airplanes

Answer: Stratosphere

20. What is called the lower layer of the atmosphere.

Answer: Troposphere

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