[INDIA] UNESCO’s Tentative List For World Heritage Status

At present, India has approx 38 sites of category cultural and mixed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Apart from 38 sites, more than 40+ sites has already been submitted for Evaluation and Acceptance to UNESCO Committee. Many neighboring countries... Read more

You Too Will Be Surprised To Know The Age Of This Girl Studying In A Canadian University

You too will be amazed to know the age of this girl. One such big news is coming from Canada which is also to be believed Seems but this is the true check. She isn’t old enough to drive a... Read more

Love butterflies, Then Definitely Visit Famous Butterfly Parks in INDIA

Who would not be happy to see colorful birds? At the same time, birds fly in the sky, weaving the story of dreams in their tune, that just by looking at them, it seems that I wish we could fly... Read more

[October 2020] Big Change In H-1B Visa Rules in the US

Before the 2020 presidential election, US President Donald Trump made a big decision about H-1B visa. On Tuesday i.e. 6th Oct 2020, the Trump administration announced the country’s new strict H-1B visa policy i.e. “interim final rule” which will strengthen... Read more

Dozens of Mummies Were Found in the Saqqara Desert in Egypt

Egypt has announced that its archaeologists have found dozens of new mummies and 59 sarcophagus. This is the biggest archaeological discovery so far this year. A sarcophagus is a coffin or a container to hold a coffin. Most sarcophagi are... Read more

[Covid-19] World’s Fattest Person Beats CoronaVirus

Mexican Juan Pedro Franco, who set a world record as the world’s fattest person two years ago, has conquered the deadly coronavirus who had diabetes, high blood pressure and stomach problems. In Oct 2016, the Guinness Book of World Records... Read more

Woman Arrested For Sending Poisoned Letter To White House Address

Washington: On Sunday, US officials said that a deadly poison named Ricin was sent in envelopes to the White House address. According to police officials, the envelopes found suspicious were scrutinized during the sorting of packets that came to the... Read more

Nigeria Just Passed Strict Laws Against Rape

Nigeria’s Kaduna state has passed strict laws against rape. From now on, if anyone is found guilty of rape, he will be castrated through surgery as punishment. Not only that, if someone rapes a child and someone under the age... Read more

The Way Singapore is Becoming a Center of Chinese Technology Giants

Amid growing tensions between US, India and China, some of China’s largest technology companies are expanding their operations in Singapore. Chinese gaming giant Tencent and e-commerce giant Alibaba are expanding their presence in the city. ByteDance, which owns the famous... Read more

Death Valley Saw The Highest Temperature in Earth’s Memory

Death Valley in the US state of California has recorded the highest temperature ever recorded in the world. On Sunday, August 18, the temperature here reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit or 54.4 degrees Celsius. Death Valley is a desert valley in... Read more