Ecuador Influencer, 23, Shares Lunch On Instagram – Attackers Find And Shoot Her

Landy Parraga Goyburo

In a horrifying incident that underscores the potential dangers of oversharing on social media, Landy Parraga Goyburo, a 23-year-old influencer from Ecuador, was brutally murdered. The attackers reportedly located her through an Instagram post where she shared a picture of her lunch – ‘octopus ceviche’ at a restaurant.

The chilling episode unfolded as two unidentified gunmen stormed into the eatery where Goyburo was seated. The surveillance cameras captured the terrifying moments when the gunmen barged in, disrupting the peaceful ambiance with the sound of gunshots. The patrons were sent diving for cover, leaving Goyburo and another person defenseless.

Despite the ensuing chaos, Goyburo’s attempts to seek refuge proved futile as one of the gunmen mercilessly fired at her. The attackers then made their escape, leaving behind a scene of horror and disbelief. The aftermath was a grim sight, with images showing Goyburo, a former beauty queen, lying in a pool of blood.

Just before the attack, Goyburo had shared a picture of her lunch with her 173,000 followers on Instagram. Investigators believe that this post inadvertently gave away her location to the gunmen.

The motive behind this heinous crime remains shrouded in mystery. Speculations are rife, with theories ranging from Goyburo’s alleged involvement with a notorious gang boss to her entanglement in a corruption inquiry linking judicial officials to organized crime. Rumors also suggest that the killing may have been orchestrated by the widow of a drug lord, with whom Goyburo allegedly had an affair.

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential perils of social media and the importance of exercising caution when sharing personal information online. It underscores the dark side of a platform that, while offering opportunities for connection and visibility, can also expose users to unforeseen dangers.

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