These 5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Wife

Everyone in the family lives together. They value each other’s needs and feelings. So they are always happy. But women are very emotional. They can’t take care of themselves in times of sorrow. They understand a lot of things. But they always work from the heart.

Five out of ten marriages today are ending in divorce because love alone is not enough. Yes, love is vital, especially for the wife, but what we have missed is the husband’s need for respect.

Women are so tender. No husband feels affection toward a wife who appears to have contempt for who he is as a human being. The key to creating fond feelings of love in a husband toward his wife is through showing him unconditional respect.

This connectivity is what women look for in any relationship, and especially marriage. When she married you, she thought you would be like her best girlfriend – you would figuratively sit with her at the little round table to talk eye to eye. But that probably didn’t happen. With many husbands, it seldom or never happens.


  • you hold her hand.
  • you hug her.
  • you are affectionate without sexual intentions.
  • you are with her alone so you can focus on each other and laugh together.
  • you go for a walk or jog . . . anything that results in togetherness.
  • you seek her out . . . set up a date night . . . eat by candlelight.
  • you go out of your way to do something for her, like run an errand.
  • you make it a priority to spend time with her.
  • you are aware of her as a person with a mind and opinions . . . let her know you enjoy discussing things with her and getting her insights.
  • you suggest the unexpected . . . get takeout and eat on the beach . . . take a walk to see the full moon . . . park on the bluff and watch the sunset.
  • you pillow talk after making love . . . lie close with your arm around her and share feelings and intimate ideas .

As a husband you must understand that those feelings of being interrogated and thinking your wife is snooping or asking a lot of unnecessary questions are going to come over you. It will happen, and you must stop yourself before you get upset. Think about why your wife is doing this. She wants to keep things up-to-date. She’s moving toward you because she loves you – you matter to her !

  • Do not compliment another woman in front of you because your wife only wants to hear your compliments from you.
  • Never raise your hand against your wife because that way she will stop respecting you.
  • Don’t cry in front of your wife because of a problem because every wife wants a brave husband. Doing so will make you weak in front of her.
  • Never tell your wife about your earnings, she will taunt you.
  • Never speak ill of her parents in front of his wife. This will stop her from respecting you.

Don’t forget these things in front of your wife. If you would like any further information, please like our page so that every information can reach you.

We would like to point out that we do not have copyright to any of the material, all taken from other social media routes and websites.

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