Why Women Are Attracted To Older Men

There is no mistaking that we each traveled a different road to social understanding, and that the view we each have today of the world is colored by a different social perspective.

Thousands of men have had to come to terms with the discovery that they are attracted to younger women. For you it may be a new discovery or something you have known for years but felt uncomfortable about openly acknowledging. It can happen at any age and at any life stage, but the older you are and the longer you have been living a straight life, the more challenging it is to come out as a attracted older man.

Some people will be surprised or shocked when you come out to them. Some people will not be surprised at all. Some people will have been waiting or expecting you to tell them, so their reaction might be ‘What took you so long?’. Some people will initially react with surprise, but on looking back, will not be surprised after all. It might make sense of your life and experiences for them. The reactions of some people will probably be hurtful and upsetting for you.

It is not a simple process and you will almost certainly experience some difficulties, but the attraction of men and women is from generation to generation. Age or caste-religion can never stand in the way, yet women are more attracted to older men. There are several main reasons for this attraction:

  1. Older men have more maturity, which is the biggest reason for attraction.
  2. Older men mean established in life. Their income and future are assured.
  3. Older men’s manners attract many younger women.
  4. The love of adults is completely different, much more realistic. As a result, the relationship survives.
  5. The understanding of older men is much deeper. The mind takes precedence over the body.
  6. If you marry an adult, the chances of divorce are much less. Older men want to settle down.
  7. Advice is available from them in case of any danger.
  8. The talk of the elders goes beyond love-body-world. So well thought out opinions on all issues.
  9. Older men turned out to be much more emotional. As a result, the relationship lasts longer.
  10. When it comes to young women, it is childish among adults, which is also liked by women.

Just like other people, plan for a future, pay taxes, have families and represent their country in sport and in all other areas of personal endeavor, just as they have always done throughout history.

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