World Class Auditorium to be built in Chandigarh – Kalagram

The world class auditorium will be built in Kalagram (Chandigarh). This will be the largest auditorium of  the tricity. Kalagram Chandigarh is one of the most beautifully built craft villages which holds one of the biggest craft fairs for all... Read more

5-Step Divorce Mediation Process You Need To Know

Most divorces end up in battles especially when issues such as property division and child custody come into play. Nevertheless, a divorce process does not have to be confrontational because it can be handled peacefully through mediation. Divorce mediation is... Read more

10 Movies/Shows That Will Inspire You to Code

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Find out how many days after the period a woman becomes pregnant

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These 5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Wife

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118 Chinese Apps Banned by Indian Government

The Indian government has made three surgical strikes on China in the last three months. The Government of India has banned 59 Chinese apps, then 47 apps and now 118 Chinese mobile apps, in order to protect the nation. The... Read more