Breast Pain: Cancer Sign and Symptoms

Whenever women have breast pain, they often start to fear cancer. Yes, you should not ignore breast pains, but the pain of every breast cancer is not only cancer, because breast pains can be caused by many and other reasons. So if you are having a pain frequently, then you must go to the doctor because this pain also points towards many other serious diseases.

Most breast pain seems to relate to the levels of two hormones, estrogen and progesterone in your body. Doctors aren’t sure what triggers breast pain. It can happen at different times in your reproductive life, such as during puberty, monthly period, pregnancy, menopause etc.

So let us tell you in what situations can breast pens occur in women:

1. Breast infection

Due to perspiration many times, milk duct gets blocked and due to this, pus, blood, red or green discharge starts from the nipple. In such a way, breast pain starts.

If your clothes chafe against your nipples, that can irritate them, too. It can let in bacteria that may also lead to breast infection.

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2. Blood discharge

If there is a blood discharge from your breast, you do not need to panic nor you should think that you have got cancer, but this condition is called papilloma which is due to the development of milk ducts. In such condition you must contact the doctor or specialist.

3. Due to period

Many times women start having breast pain before the period date. One reason for this is that sometimes there is a cyst or put problem in the breast and these cysts are very swollen before or before the period and this is the reason why there is a pain.

Breast cysts don’t require treatment unless a cyst is large and painful or uncomfortable. In that case, draining the fluid from a breast cyst can ease symptoms.

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4. Tattoos

Tattoo lovers often forget about their health in the circle of fashion. There are many girls who are fond of getting tattoos around the breast but then later this tattoo becomes the reason for breast pains because the ink used to make the tattoo causes a lot of damage to the skin. Not only this, the risk of cancer also increases.

5. Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is also often the cause of breast pain because if you are a new mom and get your baby feed, it is common for you to feel pain in the breast even during feeding time.

You should not ignore breast pains, but if you are unable to go to the doctor for some reason, then you can try some home remedies like ice packs, vitamin E, drinking more water etc that will definitely give you relief.

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