Top 28 Weirdest WikiHow Articles You Won’t Believe Exist

There are over million of articles currently existing in the WikiHow website. Despite its bad quality given by its contributors, some of the articles can be informative and put into use. WikiHow does have a weird side when you dig deeper to the rabbit hole. This is the result when you allow any internet user to freely contribute in a website.

Here in this article, we’ve listed out few weirdest WikiHow articles that you must know about it:

1. How to Kill the Queen Ant

Source | Co-Authored (Joshua Bloom) | 4 Co-Authors

Ants are annoying pests that can infest your house. Killing the ants you see won’t help solve the larger problem of eliminating the colony so the only way to be sure is to kill the queen ant.

You can also use ant-killer powders/spray/gel to get rid of the ants. However, if you feel like there are too many ants, call pest control.

2. How to Stop a Wedding

Source | 67 Co-Authors

We’ve all seen the movies where a person halts a wedding in progress in order to get back the one they truly love. In reality, stopping a wedding is a much more serious undertaking because it involves a lot of thought and planning. So in this article, you’ll get to know about stopping a wedding with logic and legal action.

3. How to Urinate in the Ocean Discreetly

Source | 27 Co-Authors

Sometimes, the closest bathroom at the beach is too far away for you to reach in time. This leaves you little choice but to go right where you are. Beaches are public places and are often filled with people. Luckily, there are ways to go about your business discreetly so that no one will suspect. This WikiHow article will show you how to do that.

4. How to Buy Nothing

Source | 79 Co-Authors

The proposition to buy nothing can seem daunting and difficult to achieve. But buying nothing, even for a year, can save you thousands of dollars and make you more spending conscious. Start with simple adjustments to your lifestyle and your budget to transition into buying nothing for a long period of time, possibly forever.

5. How to Calculate Pi by Throwing Frozen Hot Dogs

Source | 87 Co-Authors

Throwing a pie in someone’s face is good. Throwing food to discover pi is better. Believe it or not, of all the countless ways to approximate the most prolific irrational number in the universe, there are none quite as interesting or as surprisingly satisfying as throwing perfectly good food around your kitchen. In fewer steps than it takes to circumscribe your house in a circle of baguettes, you, too, can easily add a slice of pi into your dinner menu tonight.

6. How to Shower With a Lemon

Source | 19 Co-Authors

Washing with a lemon is a refreshing and effective way to bathe without using soap. It is particularly effective at helping skin recover after swimming in a chlorinated pool. The acidic juice smooths hair cuticles and acts as a mild chemical exfoliant to reveal fresh, smooth skin.

7. How to Breathe

Source | 259 Co-Authors

Breathing is a basic human function, and most of the time you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Yet, it is a very fun activity for many people. You can even do it with friends! It is important to breathe well for good health. Some people have asthma and they don’t know how to breathe well because of their illness. Luckily, we have this article to help you breathe your way to good health and fitness.

8. How to Eat Properly

Source | Co-Authored: Amy Chow | 407 Co-Authors

There’s so much information available about how to eat properly and it can be overwhelming! While you may have heard all kinds of things about what foods to eat and what ones to avoid, there are some simple rules that can help you to make the right food choices. Start by making sure your diet includes healthy foods and beverages. Then, work on adjusting your eating habits, such as by cooking for yourself, reading labels, and making healthy swaps. You may also benefit from adjusting the timing of your meals and snacks.

9. How to Stop an Adult Disposable Diaper Addiction

Source | 6 Co-Authors

If you’ve found yourself becoming addicted to wearing a disposable diaper, you’ll sometimes want to know how to stop and overcome the addiction. Although medical help is necessary, this article can give you some ideas to stop the addiction from becoming an everlasting point in your life so that you can live a full and successful life without this everlasting need.

10. How to Accept That Your Computer Is Slow

Source | 32 Co-Authors

Do you have DSL or dial-up internet but just don’t have the patience or time to let your computer run so slow? Sometimes you just have to face the facts and accept that your computer just isn’t the fastest in the world.

11. How to Determine if You Are Addicted to Wearing Diapers as an Adult

Source | Co-Authored: Trudi Griffin, LPC, MS | 21 Co-Authors

While many enjoy using diapers for recreation, comfort, security, emotional support, or even sexual satisfaction, there may come a point where your behavior around diapers restricts you or cuts you off from enjoying a balanced life. While you can continue to enjoy using diapers, you may want to create more balance in your life with things that don’t involve diapers.

12. How to Seduce Your Professor

Source | 30 Co-Authors

When you’re studying a subject that you’re genuinely interested in, you come to class happy, motivated, and ready to learn. When you’re studying a professor that you’re genuinely interested in, the same is true. After all, is there anything better than sitting back and observing your crush for a full class period? If you’re ready to take your infatuation to the next level and seduce your professor, it’ll take a little bit of strategy and a whole lot of courage. It may seem tricky but don’t worry– it can be done!

13. How to Practice Nudity in Your Family

Source | 36 Co-Authors

Family nudity can be a tricky topic because of cultural values, but it can be healthy for families to be nude around each other. In fact, treating nudity as being natural and normal can help your children develop a healthy body image and safer dating practices as they grow up. However, it’s important that you practice family nudity safely. You can do this by teaching your kids about nudity, setting rules and boundaries, and addressing potential problems.

14. How to Apologize to a Cat

Source | 51 Co-Authors

Oh no! You’ve done something to deeply offend your cat, and now she won’t even let you come near her. Fortunately, it is possible to earn a cat’s forgiveness. This article will show you not only how to apologize to your cat, but it will also show you how to do it safely, so that you don’t get scratched.

15. How to Fight With a Stick

Source | 24 Co-Authors

Basic and effective fighting strategy with a stick or stick-like weapon. Kali sticks, umbrellas, canes, crowbars.

16. How to Listen to Music

Source | 77 Co-Authors

When one listens to music, usually the music is played in the background while we do tasks such as work or household chores. The means we aren’t actively listening to the music. Music can be a great, healing relaxer to help us escape from the various stresses of life these days. To really enjoy good music of any genre and harness these relaxing effects, we must really listen to it. If these steps are correctly followed, the result will be a panoramic expansion of your musical experience, which may be likened to listening in color.

17. How to Use a Computer Mouse

Source | Co-Authored: Spike Baron |65 Co-Authors

Using a computer mouse is one of the first steps to properly operating a computer. The mouse allows you to move the cursor and click programs. These steps will show you how to use a PC and MAC computer mouse, whether it is plugged into the computer, wireless, or connects via Bluetooth.

18. How to Get to Sleep on Christmas Eve

Source | 200 Co-Authors

Finding it hard to get to sleep on Christmas Eve? Well, you’re not alone—it’s a hard night to fall asleep, as excitement and eagerness accumulate. Santa’s coming and you can’t stand how long it takes for the time to pass. Here are some suggestions that might help you to overcome excitement and get some much-needed sleep before the big day.

19. How to Prevent or Survive a Monkey Attack

Source | 73 Co-Authors

Congratulations! You’ve booked a trip to somewhere monkeys populate. You’ve got your passport, your camera, and have prepared a list of all the sights you want to see. But have you considered the fact that during your trip you might encounter a monkey? Read the following tips to avoid bodily injury when dealing with monkeys and protect yourself from a potentially frightening and dangerous experience.

20.How to Yell Like Tarzan

Source | 13 Co-Authors

The king of the jungle has one of the fiercest battle cries that has ever existed. The iconic yell was originally created by the actor Johnny Weissmuller in 1932 and was inspired by German yodeling. While difficult to pull off, it is possible that you can replicate the Tarzan yell. To master this unusual singing technique, you’ll need to access the highest registers in your voice and control your breathing for one long and sustained note. If you listen to the yell and practice different vocal techniques, you too can master the Tarzan yell!

21. How to Have Fun Being Naked

Source | 60 Co-Authors

Nudity is often regarded as an uncomfortable or embarrassing event usually because of the stigma surrounding nudity and the cultural influences that frame the perception of nudity. Yet for many, nudity actually is quite freeing. Evidence of this is visible through nudist colonies and nude beaches, but to get to this stage — the free-minded nudist stage — you first have to get comfortable in your own skin.

22. How to Get Someone Fired

Source | 15 Co-Authors

Everybody gets annoyed with their co-workers from time to time, but if you work with somebody who is genuinely incompetent, poses a threat to the safety of you and your co-workers, or who significantly harms workplace morale, then it might be time to take action. Read this article to learn how to deal with this sticky situation.

23. How to Walk

Source | Co-Authored: Monica Morris | 94 Co-Authors

Walking is one of the best low-impact exercises, and it’s also one of the cheapest and most convenient ways to get healthier; however, many Americans walk less than half of the daily recommended steps. Walking can reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer, while reducing chronic pain and stress.

24. How to Avoid Becoming a Weeaboo

Source | 132 Co-Authors

There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about Japanese animation or comics, frequently referred to by Western fans as anime and manga respectively. However, many admirers are hesitant to admit their appreciation, fearing association with a subculture that is commonly referred to online as “weeaboo.” The term “weeaboo” ultimately derives from the phrase “wannabe Japanese,” which itself is often shortened in online communities to “Wapanese.” In principle, there is nothing wrong with joining a subculture, but if this is one you’d rather not take part in, there are ways to differentiate yourself.

25. How to Follow Someone on Empty Streets

Source | 33 Co-Authors

26. How to Drink Eggnog

Source | 21 Co-Authors

Eggnog is a holiday favorite that can be enjoyed as a festive cocktail or dessert. Its rich and creamy base pairs nicely with sweet pastries and desserts such as gingerbread cookies and plain spice cake. You can make this delicious drink even better by knowing how to serve it plain or using it to make lattes or cocktails.

27. How to Yike

Source | 3 Co-Authors

Yiking has been called an extreme form of twerking. It’s a dance move where you sway in time with a partner, moving from side to side. It was made popular by the rapper Sage the Gemini in his song “Red Nose.” One person will stand behind the other person. The person in front has the most movement, traditionally danced by a girl, while the person in back stays in beat with their partner, traditionally the guy.

28. How to Get a Religion Degree Online

Source | 6 Co-Authors

The flexibility of attaining a degree online is attractive to those in society who cannot be tied to the structure of a residential learning experience. If mobility is your game or responsibilities, like caring for loved ones, prevent you from obtaining a degree on a physical campus, then consider online classes. Be forewarned the classes which you pursue online are every bit as difficult, if not more so, than classes on a traditional campus setting. You should be very self disciplined to commit to the amount of research, study, and time necessary to accomplish your goals.

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