America’s Top 10 Addictions People Are Grappling With

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In a recent study, Sabino Recovery, a prominent addiction and mental health treatment facility in the US, explored into Google Search data to uncover the addictions that Americans are seeking help with the most. By analyzing search terms related to various vices, they identified the top 10 addictions people are grappling with.

Here’s a closer look at these pressing issues:

1. Porn Addiction

Topping the list is porn addiction, with an average of 30k monthly searches nationwide from individuals seeking treatment and guidance. The most Googled terms include “porn addiction recovery” and “porn addiction therapy.”

Porn Addiction

2. Alcohol

Second place goes to alcohol, with 10k average monthly searches across the country. People are actively seeking information on “alcohol addiction treatment.”


3. Gambling

The third spot belongs to gambling, with an average of 6k monthly searches by those seeking help. The phrase “betting addiction treatment” dominates the search queries.


4. Opioids

Opioids rank fourth, with 5k monthly searches from people seeking assistance. “Opiate addiction therapy” is the most searched term related to this specific addiction.


5. Food Addiction

Food addiction takes fifth place, with an average of 4k monthly searches nationwide. People are looking for “food addiction therapy.”

Food Addiction

6. Marijuana

Marijuana lands in sixth place, with 3k average monthly searches.


7. Video Games

Video games come in seventh, with 3k monthly searches from individuals seeking help.

Video Games

8. Shopping Addiction

Shopping addiction claims eighth place, receiving an average of 2k monthly searches related to treatment and support.


9. Social Media

Social media addiction ranks ninth. On average, 1k searches are made across the country every month by those seeking help with various social media addictions.

Social Media

10. Benzodiazepines

Rounding out the list, benzodiazepines see 1k monthly searches from people seeking assistance.


These search trends highlight the urgent need for awareness, education, and accessible resources to address these widespread addictions.

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