[Photos] British Woman Shopped with Sanitary Pad Instead of Face Mask

Mask is playing an important role in preventing the coronavirus epidemic. This is why masks have been made mandatory in public places in various countries including India, America, Australia, UK etc. Fine is also being charged for violating this rule. Now a strange case has emerged from Britain. Here, a woman forgot to apply a mask while exiting the house. To avoid any action, the woman resorted to Sanitary Pad. Pictures of a woman wearing a sanitary pad in place of a mask are becoming viral. However, this is not the first time.

The British woman is said to be named Rachel Taylor, 30, had gone out of the house to shop. Arriving at the shopping complex, it is revealed that the masks have been forgotten. Shopping was necessary, so Sanitary Pad worked. The event is from Great Manchester.

I was also friends with Taylor in the car. I looked for a mask in the car, found one I gave to a friend and put a Sanitary Pad on my face. It could not be tied on the face like a mask, but with the help of it, I was able to do shopping. Some people made me laugh, but prevention from disease is more important.

Masks have also been mandated in India. According to the instructions of the government, it is mandatory to cover the mouth and nose with any cloth. However, some controversies have also come up in the country regarding masks. For example, a fine of 500 INR was made for not wearing the mask of a car rider in Delhi, India. The lawyer by profession approached the court and said that he was alone in the car and the car was completely locked. In such a case, an invoice cannot be made.

“I was tipping my car upside down looking for a mask – I found one for Elizabeth and then found a Sanitary Pad. I thought I’d use it for a laugh and stuck it to my face, but it kept falling off,” she was quoted as saying.

She said, “I mean what do you do with this mask situation – you have to wear one don’t you? You have to improvise, I’d rather look silly than have a fine anyway. It was an Always sanitary pad, I went for a posh one.”

Rachel added, “I felt like Elizabeth was my guide dog because I had these sunglasses on and I couldn’t see anything. The mask was comfy and it smelt fresh – obviously, it was clean.”

She said that she wasn’t embarrassed having a sanitary pad stuck on her face. “The woman who served us at the till was either pretending she hadn’t noticed or wasn’t fazed by it.”

Her friend Elizabeth said, “The funniest thing is no one even stared at her like she was doing anything weird. We were both laughing in the shop – I was trying to walk away from her, to be honest.”

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