Important Terms Used For COVID-19 (CoronaVirus)

The coronavirus disease or as it is referred COVID-19 has widely spread its roots throughout the world and almost all countries are struggling to find their feet amidst the rising crisis.

Coronavirus started in Wuhan, China which itself is now a potential threat for all countries. This virus is very similar in symptomatology to other viral respiratory infections. As of now, there is no cure, no vaccine and no specific medication. However, various health care professionals have listed out multiple ways in which they can help patients.

According to latest study – Scientists and Researchers reveal that men are more vulnerable to Coronavirus.

PANDEMIC – (noun) when a disease like COVID-19 outbreak that spreads throughout the world and takes more lives than epidemic. It also related with geographical spread.

ENDEMIC – a disease or condition regularly found among particular people or in a certain area. Endemic is often used to characterize diseases that are generally found in a particular area i.e. Malaria which is said to be endemic to tropical and subtropical regions.

EPIDEMIC – A rapid spread of disease that spreads so quickly and effects many individual at the same time or you can say that the disease which is actively spreading. It is often count as a problem or disease that has grown out of control.

According to Wikipedia – 15 cases per 100,000 people for two consecutive weeks is considered an epidemic.

It may be restricted to one location but if it spreads quickly then it may be termed as Pandemic.

CONTAGIOUS – able to be passed from one person to another typically by direct contact. Anything Contagious, such as Malaria or Flu is always automatically infectious.

OUTBREAK – a sudden increase in something negative (e.g. Disease, war) in a particular time and place which further affects a small or localized group or impact upon thousands of people across the region. There are 3 patterns of occurrence are: Endemic, Epidemic and Pandemic.

Famous Outbreaks are:

  • Smallpox Outbreak – 1947
  • Hantavirus Outbreak – 1993
  • Zika Virus Outbreak – 2007
  • Ebola Virus Outbreak – 2014
  • Coronavirus Outbreak – 2019-20

QUARANTINE – a period or a state of isolation to prevent the spread of disease. The people may have been exposed to a disease if they interact with outer world. It also restricts the movement of people who were exposed to a contagious disease to see if they become sick.

The diseases which directly imposes Quarantine are: Marburg, Ebola, Covid19 etc.

LOCKDOWN – a situation or an emergency protocol in which people are not allowed to leave or enter. This scenario usually allows for essential supplies and rest of all non-essential items remain shut for the entire period.

Update 14th May 2020: In view of Covid-19 Outbreak, India at this moment is not under complete Lockdown but several restrictions have been still imposed in some areas.

COVIDIOT – a stupid person stubbornly ignores social distancing protocol, thus helping to further spread COVID-19. Someone who ignores the government warnings regarding public health or safety.

  • Rolled 300+ Toilet Papers in his basket
  • Hugging everyone he/she sees
  • Trump said – people are dying who never died before
  • Going to beach in pandemic situation

BLURSDAY – (noun) an specified day because of the lockdown’s disorienting effect on time. The day you are presently living but have no idea what day it actually is.

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FLATTEN THE CURVE – (verb) slow the spread of a virus to reduce the peak number of cases and related demands on hospitals infrastructures.

PATIENT ZERO – (noun) the person identified as the first to become infected with a disease in an outbreak.

According to Donald Trump – China is still hiding information about Covid-19 Patient Zero from the world.

STAY HOME – For the sake of your and your community’s health please stay home

6 Tips: Covid-19 Prevention:-

  • Clean your hands often
  • Maintain a social and safe distance
  • Don’t touch your eyes, nose or mouth
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze
  • Stay home if you feel unwell
  • Follow the directions of your local health authority

INCUBATION PERIOD – the time from a person’s first exposure to a disease to the when symptoms develop. In general, the incubation period is the time needed for any particular process of development to take place.

INFECTIOUS – able to pass a disease from one person , animal, or plant to another

Reminding all to actively practice social distancing to keep everyone safe during such tough and uncertain times.

Here we’ve also listed out all app portals and other initiatives launched by various states and agencies during this Covid-19 Outbreak:

  • Team-11 : Uttar Pradesh
  • Mo Jiban Programme : Odisha
  • Namaste Over Handahake Campaign : Karnataka
  • Corona Watch App : Karnataka
  • Apthamitra App : Karnataka
  • Self Deceleration App : Nagaland
  • Vera’s Covid 19 Monitoring Systam App : Telangana
  • V Safe Tunnel : Telangana
  • CARUNA : Civil Service Association
  • CORONTINE App : IIT Bombay
  • 5T Initiative : Delhi
  • Assess Koro Na App – Delhi
  • Operation Shield : Delhi
  • Operation Namaste : Indian Army
  • Lifeline UDAN : Civil Aviation Ministry
  • Bharat Padhe Online : HRD Ministry
  • Samadhan : HRD Ministry
  • Yukti Portal : HRD Ministry
  • Swayam Prabha : HRD Ministry
  • VidyaDaan 2.0 Program : HRD Ministry
  • Covid India Seva : Health Ministry
  • Kisan Rath App : Agriculture Ministry
  • Aragya Setu App : Govt of India
  • Corona Kavach : Govt of India
  • iGOT : Govt of India
  • COVIDCARE App : Arunachal Pradesh
  • Corona Care : PhonePe
  • Pragyaan App : Jharkhand
  • VeggiGo App : Jharkhand
  • Rakhsa Sarv App : Chhattisgarh police
  • Naadi App : Puducherry
  • Corona Sahayata App : Bihar
  • Gurur App : Bihar
  • Aayu & Sehat Sathi App : Rajasthan
  • Raj Cop Police : Rajasthan
  • Cowin 20 App : NITI Aayog
  • GoK Direct App : Kerala
  • Break the chain Campaign : Kerala
  • MCovid-19 App : Mizoram
  • Cghaat Portal : Chhattisgarh
  • Annapurna And Supply
  • Mitra Portal : Uttar Pradesh
  • Covid Control : Mohali, Punjab
  • COVA App : Punjab
  • Top Parent : Madhya Pradesh
  • Mahakavach App : Maharashtra
  • Sandhan App : West Bengal
  • Covid-19 Quarantine Monitoring App :Tamil Nadu
  • Covid Pharma App : Andhra Pradesh
  • Saiyam App : Pune Municipal Corporation
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