Top 25 Disaster Films For You To Watch To Beat Covid19

Coronavirus are viruses that circulate among animals but some of them are also known to affect humans. The 2019 novel Coronavirus was identified in China at the end of 2019 and is a new strain that has not previously been seen in humans.

With million of people staying at home amid the latest COVID-19 outbreak, many are turning to streaming applications like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Airtel Xstream, Hotstar etc. Don’t worry if you miss traveling, here is the best time to catch up on some good disaster related movie.

These movies speaks of everything on the CoronaVirus (Covid19). The creators of these movies should help us answer some questions. Furthermore, the movie “Time To Hunt” is also set to premiere on Netflix instead of big screens due to CoronaVirus Disease.

Till date, approx half of million cases got confirmed worldwide with fatalities more than 24000 and more than 100,000 patients are reported to have recovered.

These below mentioned movies are just like every disaster movie ever made where the stupid, selfish and greedy politician ignores the panicked doctors who are trying to save the world.

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Besides this, Coronavirus is a common medical term, you have just heard it lot more as “new” coronavirus (Covid-19). If you’re looking to bulk up on your horror knowledge, we’ve assembled a killer list of movies for you.

Contagion Movie
1. Contagion
IMDB 6.7/10 English 2011
A tense thriller directed with a terrifying precision. Inspired by ’02 SARS outbreak. Soderbergh in top form.
Shaun Of The Dead Movie
2. Shaun Of The Dead
IMDB 7.9/10 English 2004
One of the best light-hearted zombie films out there. Insane fun.
Virus Movie
3. Virus
IMDB 8.1/10 Malayalam 2019
Leave it to the Malayalis to tell the story of their fight against Nipah with a grounded treatment and no sensationalism.
Pandora Movie
4. Pandora
IMDB 6.6/10 Korean 2016
Inspired by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, this film is an emotional roller-coaster. Climax will leave you in tears.
World War Z Movie
5. World War Z
IMDB 7.0/10 English 2013
Fantastic zombie apocalyptic thriller with crazy fast scary zombies. Led by Brad Pitt in fine form. Theme music is a cracker.
The Book of Eli Movie
6. The Book Of Eli
IMDB 6.9/10 English 2010
Denzel Washington + Stylized action sequences + Post-Apocalyptic world threats. What else is needed?
Train To Busan Movie
7. Train To Busan
IMDB 7.5/10 Korean 2016
Zombie thriller on steroids. Edge of the seat experience.
Chernobyl Movie
8. Chernobyl
IMDB 9.4/10 English 2019
Masterclass in disaster docudrama writing & directing. What is the cost of lies?
Children Of Men Movie
9. Children Of Men
IMDB 7.9/10 English 2006
Top notch film-making of a chaotic world trying to find order. The stunning cinematography is a bonus.
Mad Max: Fury Road Movie
10. Mad Max: Fury Road
IMDB 8.1/10 English 2015
Nerve-wracking, pulse-quickening road action with beautiful subtext.
Only The Brave Movie
11. Only The Brave
IMDB 7.6/10 English 2017
Heart-wrenching drama about the hard lives of firefighters and the harder fight against fire.
Blade Runner Movie
12. Blade Runner
IMDB 8.1/10 English 1982, 2017
Visuals on drugs. Trendsetter. Slow burn masterpiece.
Snowpiercer Movie
13. Snowpiercer
IMDB 7.1/10 English 2013
Apocalypse in a train. Boasts of some crazy good action sequences. A film by Bong Joon Ho!
Arrival Movie
14. Arrival
IMDB 7.9/10 English 2016
An elegant symphony of a mind-bender.
The Martian Movie
15. The Martian
IMDB 8.0/10 English 2015
Rare mix of intellect and entertainment with loads of humour. Matt Damon is outstanding.
The Day After Tomorrow Movie
16. The Day After Tomorrow
IMDB 6.4/10 English 2004
From the father of disaster movies, a film about a climate crisis that is very much relevant today. Exhilarating in many aspects for a doomsday film!
The Impossible Movie
17. The Impossible
IMDB 7.6/10 English 2012
Based on one of the most devastating natural disasters we have seen, it recounts the tragedy and the triumph of the human spirit.
The Big Short Movie
18. The Big Short
IMDB 7.8/10 English 2016
About the biggest economic collapse in the last 100 years. Loaded with dark humour, it boasts of one of the best performances from an ensemble cast. Pure gold of a film.
Love, Death & Robots Movie
19. Love, Death & Robots
IMDB 8.6/10 English 2019
Trippy visuals, Trippier stories!
Akira Movie
20. Akira
IMDB 8.0/10 Japanese 1988
Treat for anime lovers. A raging classic.
I Am Legend Movie
21. I Am Legend
IMDB 7.2/10 English 2007
Brace yourselves and watch Will Smith and his dog fight the last battle in dystopian New York.
Edge Of Tomorrow Movie
22. Edge Of Tomorrow
IMDB 7.9/10 English 2014
A bona fide futuristic action movie. Grab that popcorn and settle in for a adrenaline rush of a ride.
District 9 Movie
23. District 9
IMDB 7.9/10 English 2009
A terrifying premise. Path-breaking film with a jolt of a climax.
Interstellar Movie
24. Interstellar
IMDB 8.6/10 English 2014
A mind-bending ride through space & time. The amazing score is a bonus.
V for Vendetta Movie
25. V for Vendetta
IMDB 8.2/10 English 2005
On the lines of 1984, a stark look at a frightening society that the world today is not so much far behind. Relevant cinema for our times with great dialogue.

Other Similar Movies are:-

  1. 12 Monkeys
  2. Dark City
  3. Wall E
  4. Planet of the Apes Reboot Trilogy
  5. 2012
  6. Independence Day
  7. Signs
  8. Outbreak
  9. Everest
  10. Deepwater Horizon
  11. Armageddon
  12. Apollo 13
  13. Minority Report
  14. Sunshine
  15. Dawn of the Dead
  16. Warm Bodies
  17. Resident Evil
  18. 93 days
  19. Terminator 1 & 2
  20. Zombieland
  21. The Hot Zone miniseries
  22. The Panic on Streets
  23. Kingdom series
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