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Babbu Maan Adab Punjabi Album Songs Free Download Theblondpost

Babbu Maan, a Punjabi singer and an actor has recently released his latest album titled “Adab Punjabi”. Babbu Mann had shared the poster and announcement for the same on social media.

This “Adab Punjabi” album includes a total of 10 songs. The artist had not revealed the tracklist before and directly surprised the fans with the release.

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Babbu Maan is one of the most talented and versatile performing singer that we are blessed with in the Punjabi music and entertainment industry.

For many years now, he has been ruling the Punjabi music industry as a stalwart and needless to say, his fan following and popularity are sky-high quite literally.

Some of his best songs include the likes of Hashar, Rab Na Kare, Soun di Jhadi, Mittran Di Chhatri, Pakki Kanak, Dil Tan Pagal Hai, and many more. As far as movie projects are concerned, the best movies include Hashar, Baaz, Hero Hitler In Love, Hawayein, & many more.

Even on social media platforms like Instagram, he has 1.4M followers who keep a track of every step that he takes.

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Check out the latest newly released album (Adab Punjabi – 2022) by Babbu Maan. 

  1. Adab Punjabi
  2. Chandigarh Di Patjhad
  3. 4 Dimaag 2 Dil
  4. Deg
  5. Kala Kurta
  6. Telepathy
  7. Chann
  8. Ohi Ford
  9. Mexican
  10. Gal Ni Hoyi

Below, you can download all the 10 songs free from Babbu Maan’s album:

1. Adab Punjabi – Babbu Maan

2. Chandigarh Di Patjhad – Babbu Maan

3. 4 Dimaag 2 Dil – Babbu Maan

4. Deg – Babbu Maan

5. Kala Kurta – Babbu Maan

6. Telepathy – Babbu Maan

7. Chann – Babbu Maan

8. Ohi Ford – Babbu Maan

9. Mexican – Babbu Maan

10. Gal Ni Hoyi – Babbu Maan

Babbu Maan has not revealed details about the release of video songs yet, but all the fans are eagerly waiting for the same.

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