Eva Longoria and Bill McRaven Receive the 2024 Courage and Civility Award

In a ceremony held in New York City on March 14, actor and entrepreneur Eva Longoria and retired Navy admiral Bill McRaven were honored as the recipients of the 2024 Courage and Civility Award. The award, presented by Jeff Bezos and his fiancée, Lauren Sánchez, recognizes individuals who strive to solve complex problems, unite people, and promote civility. Each recipient was awarded $50 million for their significant contributions to society.

The Courage and Civility Award was first presented in 2021, with commentator Van Jones and chef José Andrés each receiving $100 million. In 2022, the award was given to Dolly Parton, who also received $100 million. However, no award was presented in 2023.

Longoria, known for her acting career, is also the founder of the Eva Longoria Foundation, established in 2012. The foundation aims to unlock the full potential of Latinas through education and entrepreneurship. In an interview with CNN, Longoria expressed her excitement about the impact the Latino community can have on the country, emphasizing the need to invest in opportunities for this rapidly growing group.

Eva Longoria Among Two Recipients Jeff Bezos Award

McRaven, a retired Navy admiral and former chancellor of the University of Texas System, plans to use his award to support veterans and their families, particularly in the areas of education and mental health care.

Bezos, whose net worth is estimated to be nearly $200 billion as of March 2024, has previously stated his intention to donate most of his wealth during his lifetime. However, CNN notes that neither Bezos nor Sánchez have signed the Giving Pledge, a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals to donate the majority of their wealth to charity.

The couple’s previous donations and their emphasis on charity have been closely scrutinized.

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