India’s Foreign Ministry Issues Travel Advisory for Iran and Israel

Travel Advisory India MEA

In a recent announcement, the Indian Foreign Ministry has issued a travel advisory for its citizens, advising against all non-essential travel to Iran and Israel until further notice. This decision comes in light of the current global situation and is aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of Indian nationals.

The advisory strongly recommends that Indians refrain from travelling to Iran and Israel for the time being. The Ministry has not specified a timeline for the advisory, stating that it will remain in effect until further notice. This implies that the situation will be continually monitored and updates will be provided as necessary.

Travel Advisory Israel and Iran

For Indian nationals currently residing in Iran and Israel, the Ministry has issued specific guidelines to ensure their safety. It has been advised that they should restrict their movements to a minimum and observe all necessary precautions about their safety.

The Ministry has urged Indian nationals to stay vigilant, avoid unnecessary travel, and follow the instructions issued by local authorities. They are also encouraged to stay in touch with the Indian embassies in both countries for updates and assistance.

The safety and well-being of Indian nationals, both at home and abroad, remain a top priority for the Indian Foreign Ministry. This travel advisory is a testament to the Ministry’s commitment to its citizens. It is crucial for all Indian nationals to heed this advisory and stay updated on the situation through official channels. The Ministry assures that it is closely monitoring the situation and will provide timely updates to ensure the safety of its citizens.

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