The Human Cost of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

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The human cost of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is devastating. According to data from the United Nations, over 126,000 Palestinians and 300 Israelis have been killed since 2008. The vast majority of these casualties have been civilians.

The Gaza Strip is home to over 2 million people, and the war caused widespread damage to infrastructure and homes. The UN estimates that over 100,000 people were displaced from their homes during the war.

The following table shows the number of Palestinian and Israeli deaths and injuries documented by the UN from 2008 to 2020:

Year Palestine (Deaths) Palestine (Injuries) Israel (Deaths) Israel (Injuries)
2008 3,202 3,202 853 853
2009 7,460 7,460 123 123
2010 1,659 1,659 185 185
2011 2,260 2,260 136 136
2012 4,936 4,936 578 578
2013 4,031 4,031 157 157
2014 19,860 19,860 2,796 2,796
2015 14,813 14,813 339 339
2016 3,572 3,572 222 222
2017 8,526 8,526 174 174
2018 31,558 31,558 130 130
2019 15,628 15,628 133 133
2020 2,781 2,781 61 61

As the table shows, the number of Palestinian deaths and injuries has been significantly higher than the number of Israeli deaths and injuries in every year since 2008. The year 2014 was particularly deadly, with over 19,000 Palestinians killed in the Gaza Strip.

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The human cost of the conflict is not limited to deaths and injuries. The conflict has also caused widespread displacement, poverty, and trauma. Millions of Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip, which is under Israeli blockade, and in the West Bank, where they are subject to Israeli military occupation. These conditions have had a devastating impact on the Palestinian people.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the longest-running conflicts in the world. It is a complex conflict with deep historical roots. However, the human cost of the conflict is clear. The conflict has caused immense suffering and loss of life on both sides.

It is important to note that the UN data does not include all casualties of the conflict. For example, the data does not include Palestinians who have died as a result of Israeli airstrikes or who have died in Israeli prisons. Therefore, the true human cost of the conflict is likely even higher than the UN data suggests.

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a tragedy. It is time for the conflict to be resolved peacefully, so that all Israelis and Palestinians can live in safety and security.

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