Vladimir Putin Looks to Secure 5th Term as President as Russians Head to the Polls

Vladimir Putin

As Russians head to the polls, all eyes are on Vladimir Putin, who seeks to secure his fifth term as president. The election, taking place over the next three days, is closely watched both within Russia and internationally.

Let’s explore into the key aspects of this pivotal moment in Russian politics.

The Election Context Date is March 14–16, 2024. The election occurs against the backdrop of a ruthless crackdown that has stifled independent media and prominent rights groups. Putin now enjoys full control of the political system.

With most opposition candidates either dead, jailed, exiled, or mere token figures, Putin’s victory seems all but guaranteed.

Vladimir Putin has effectively been Russia’s head of state since before the turn of the century. His reelection would extend his rule until at least 2030. Following constitutional amendments in 2020, Putin could potentially stay in power until 2036, securing his place as Russia’s longest-serving ruler since Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

The Central Election Commission (CEC) greenlit only three candidates to oppose Putin:

– Leonid Slutsky (Liberal Democratic Party)
– Vladislav Davankov (New People Party)
– Nikolay Kharitonov (Communist Party)

All three candidates are thought to be satisfactorily pro-Kremlin, and none oppose the invasion of Ukraine. The opposition candidates themselves admit they are unlikely to significantly dent Putin’s support.

Putin’s most formidable opponent, Navalny, met a tragic end in an Arctic penal colony. His poisoning with the Soviet-era nerve agent Novichok had previously made headlines. The Kremlin denies any involvement in Navalny’s death, which occurred after he “felt unwell” during a walk.

In summary, as Russians cast their votes, Putin’s reelection appears inevitable. The world watches closely, pondering the implications of his continued dominance on the global stage.

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23 days ago

[…] Russia has disbanded a United Nations panel that has been monitoring sanctions against North Korea for years. The panel had recently begun investigating allegations that Russia had violated the rules by purchasing North Korean weapons, including ballistic missiles, for use in Ukraine. […]

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