After Jesus Christ, Donald Trump Compares Himself to Nelson Mandela – A Controversial Assertion

donald trump nelson jesus

Former US President Donald Trump, currently indicted in four different criminal cases, has drawn a parallel between himself and the South African anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela. This comparison, made in a post on the Truth Social platform, has sparked a wave of criticism and controversy.

Donald Trump’s post read, “If this Partisan Hack wants to put me in the ‘clink’ for speaking the open and obvious TRUTH, I will gladly become a Modern Day Nelson Mandela – It will be my GREAT HONOR.” This statement comes in the wake of accusations against Judge Juan Merchan, whom Trump claims is violating his First Amendment rights to free speech.

It’s worth noting that Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in jail before being released and serving as South Africa’s president. He passed away in 2013. The criminal cases against Trump, including one involving hush money paid to a porn star prior to the 2016 presidential election, could potentially result in jail time for the billionaire real estate mogul.

Judge Merchan has placed a partial gag order on Donald Trump, who has publicly disparaged the judge on social media. The trial is set to commence on April 15.

Donald Trump’s comparison to Mandela has drawn swift criticism from US President Joe Biden’s campaign team, who labeled him as “very self-centered”. The Biden team released an official statement saying, “Imagine being so self-centered that you compare yourself to Jesus Christ and Nelson Mandela all within the span of little more than a week: that’s Donald Trump for you.”

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Donald Trump has compared himself to Nelson Mandela. He previously likened himself to both Mandela and Jesus Christ at a 2023 rally. On March 25, while appearing in court for a hearing related to his hush money payment case, Trump compared himself to Jesus and shared the Bible verse, Psalm 109:3–8.

Donald Trump’s post on Truth Social read, “Received this morning — Beautiful, thank you! ‘It’s ironic that Christ walked through His greatest persecution the very week they are trying to steal your property from you. But have you seen this verse…?”

The controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s comparison to these revered figures continues to unfold, with public opinion divided on the matter.

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