New Poll Reveals Americans Trust Donald Trump Over Biden to Lead the US as President

Donald Trump vs Joe Biden

In a recent ABC/Ipsos poll, Americans have expressed their opinions on who they trust more to lead the United States as president. The results reveal an interesting perspective on the leadership qualities of former President Donald Trump and current President Joe Biden.

When asked directly about trust, the poll found that:

– 36% of respondents trust Donald Trump to lead the country as president.
– 33% of respondents trust Joe Biden to do the same.
– Approximately 30% of respondents expressed that they would trust neither candidate.

The survey also explored into specific issues, comparing how voters perceive the handling of these matters by the two leaders:

  1. Inflation: More respondents approved of Trump’s handling of inflation compared to Biden.
  2. Crime: A plurality of respondents favored Trump’s approach to crime over Biden’s.
  3. Southern Border Crisis: Trump received higher approval ratings for his handling of immigration issues.
  4. Gun Violence: Respondents preferred Trump’s approach to gun violence.
  5. Economy: Trump garnered more approval for his economic policies.

While Trump received higher approval on several fronts, Biden was viewed as handling two issues better:

  1. Abortion: About 47% of respondents approved of Biden’s approach to abortion.
  2. Climate Change: Biden was preferred by 42% of respondents in handling climate change.

As the 2024 presidential race unfolds, both Trump and Biden are expected to be officially named their party’s nominees. The rematch between these two political heavyweights promises to be closely watched by the American public.

In conclusion, this poll sheds light on the nuanced opinions of Americans regarding leadership, trust, and the critical issues facing the nation. Whether it’s the economy, crime, or immigration, the battle for trust continues as the candidates prepare for another showdown in the political arena.

Note: The ABC/Ipsos poll was conducted from March 8 to 9, with a margin of error of plus or minus 4.5 percentage points.

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