Madonna Will Self Direct Her Own Biopic

US celebrity pop star Madonna has decided to direct a movie based on her own life story. Not only that, the 72-year-old pop star is also working as an assistant screenwriter of the untitled movie. According to the BBC and... Read more

Nigeria Just Passed Strict Laws Against Rape

Nigeria’s Kaduna state has passed strict laws against rape. From now on, if anyone is found guilty of rape, he will be castrated through surgery as punishment. Not only that, if someone rapes a child and someone under the age... Read more

Reasons Why Boys Don’t Want To Get Involved

Many people say that being alone is a different joy. Because, if you are alone, you don’t have to pay any deposit, you can do whatever you want. On the other hand, there are many disadvantages to being alone. If... Read more

CoronaVirus: Malaika Arora Was Heartbroken [Get Well Soon]

Malaika Arora, an Indian Actress, Dancer and Model is now infected with Covid-19. She was not admitted to the hospital due to mild symptoms. As a result, the actress is in quarantine at home. Malaika Arora is in quarantine at... Read more

The Way Singapore is Becoming a Center of Chinese Technology Giants

Amid growing tensions between US, India and China, some of China’s largest technology companies are expanding their operations in Singapore. Chinese gaming giant Tencent and e-commerce giant Alibaba are expanding their presence in the city. ByteDance, which owns the famous... Read more

Death Valley Saw The Highest Temperature in Earth’s Memory

Death Valley in the US state of California has recorded the highest temperature ever recorded in the world. On Sunday, August 18, the temperature here reached 130 degrees Fahrenheit or 54.4 degrees Celsius. Death Valley is a desert valley in... Read more

How To Wear A Mask In Proper Way [Covid19-Pandemic]

It is important for everyone to have a clear idea about the proper use of the mask, the way to clean it and wear it. As long as this corona pandemic does not end, the mask will be a necessary... Read more

Do You Make These Mistakes While Working In The Office

It is a problem to go to office every day for a long time sitting in a place, it is known to every person who works in the office every day for 8-9 hours without moving in a chair. If... Read more

[China] 3 Year Old Girl Scratches on 10 Audi Cars Costs Dad Nearly $10,000

The news that we are going to share with you now, you will be amazed at once. Children become the second form of God because everyone loves children a lot. But sometimes children also become a headache for parents and... Read more

Mehndi’s Latest Designs, Which Every Bride Will Like

No matter how much designer lehenga or expensive jewellery is worn, the beautiful mehndi in the hands increases the grace of the bride. Applying mehndi is considered to be very auspicious not only from the perspective of fashion but also... Read more